Collaborate in Style!

Project management software that fits every situation. Organize your day or years of planning with a tool that makes it quick and simple.

Nice, Intuitive Workflow

Blaze through your tasks for the day in a blink of an eye. Spend less time fighting with your productivity software and more time being productive.

Track Everything

From software development to honey-do lists, ZingProject tackles every project, big or small. Track time spent, recent activity, priority, and more.

Time Tracking

Easily record the hours being spent on your project. View a nice breakdown of total hours for the past week, month, or simply browse recent time entries.

Email Notifcations

Keep track of the changes to your project with email notifications. Customize your email digest to receive emails hourly, daily, or in real-time.

Task Lists

While tickets track what needs to get done, task lists track how to get there. They provide a great way to break down larger to-do's into logical steps.

Document Management

Organize your files by attaching them to tickets and easily share everything with friends or colleagues. Look out for new document management features in the future. We are constantly innovating.

“ZingProject is the single most intuitive piece of management software I've come across. As a project manager and marketing consultant I've worked with many of them, and to be honest they always left me cold. I recommend ZingProject because I think the technology is stunning, easy to use, and I can only imagine many others falling in love with it too.”
- Makenna Johnston, Project Manager
“In order to create ZingProject, we took the extremely short list of what other project tracking applications did well, combined with it with a handful of homegrown features, and threw away the rest. This strategy is consistent across all our products - develop software with an unmatched combination of speed, usability, and features.”
- Pete Fredricks, CEO + Co-Founder, Goosetail Labs
“ZingProject was created to solve a problem; no project management tool had the right balance of flexibility and structure. Every application was either too specific or too generic, forcing us to pick between agile projects, or something with as little structure as a whiteboard. The solution was to create something open, but allowed users to create a custom work flow. ZingProject was born.”
- Anthony Hildoer, CTO + Co-Founder, Goosetail Labs

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What are collaborators?
Within ZingProject, you can grant other users access to your projects and tickets. These users are known as collaborators on your account. Perhaps you need to share with your employees, clients, or maybe just friends. Either way, adding collaborators is easy and secure. ZingProject allows you to separate projects and collaborators by using networks. Networks provide a great way to securely join or separate groups of users. By adding a user to your network, that user can view and/or edit all projects on that network, depending on the level of access you grant. Only members of a network can view the projects in that network.