Now featuring...the free 30-day test drive

/Anthony Hildoer

We have had lots of feedback since we finally installed the "register" on ZingProject. Most of it from our new customers who have been asking how they can try ZingProject's awesome collaboration abilities without being on the hook for each test user. Well, just in time for the May billing cycle, we rolled out a new feature, 30-days of collaboration free with each new account. When you create a user on ZingProject, you can add as many collaborators as you want, for 30 days, no credit card required. Zing!

So, if you have not tried us out yet, there is no excuse. Its free, for 30 entire days! In case you don't know how to sign up, here is the link: Sign Up!

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Accounts are free!

Having a ZingProject account is free. And it will remain free. Here's just some of what you get with your account:
Need to share projects with other users? Add collaborators to your account for only $1/month per user.
Get the first 30 days of collaboration FREE! No restrictions.
What are collaborators?
Within ZingProject, you can grant other users access to your projects and tickets. These users are known as collaborators on your account. Perhaps you need to share with your employees, clients, or maybe just friends. Either way, adding collaborators is easy and secure. ZingProject allows you to separate projects and collaborators by using networks. Networks provide a great way to securely join or separate groups of users. By adding a user to your network, that user can view and/or edit all projects on that network, depending on the level of access you grant. Only members of a network can view the projects in that network.