Project Collaboration for Everyone

Projects of all shapes and sizes. ZingProject has something for everyone. Define your own workflow and track your tasks with ease. There is no wrong way to Zing.

What You Get!

  • User Defined Workflow
  • Security Networks
  • Task Lists
  • Discussion Threads
  • Fast Search
  • Advanced History
  • Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Document Management
  • Customizable Tags
  • Time Tracking
  • Real-time Streaming
  • ...and more...much more.
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Real-Time Streaming

With ZingProject, your updates happen in real-time, not “almost” or “pretty close to” real-time. No more refreshing the browser to see the latest information. All changes made to projects, tickets, and statuses stream instantaneously. Working on a project that is tight on deadline? We have you covered. Now your whole team can be collaborating on a single project and your screen is never out of date.
Create user login
A typical requirement for Web sites is to allow only some users (authenticated users) to see certain pages.
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Send out invitations
Your invites are one of the most important elements in your day because they provide guests with crucial information.
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Monkey on the Lam
Monkey on the Lam first appeared in August 2007 after a monkey escaped and went "on the lam" in Wisconsin.
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Intuitive, Customized Workflow

The setup of ZingProject is very intuitive (at least we think so).  When creating a project, you build the workflow to suit you, your team, and/or your client. Customize the project colors, the user access, the stages or categories for your tickets, and more. ZingProject is so intuitive and easily customized you will think it reads your mind. We only assume it doesn’t.

Easy on the Eyes

We built ZingProject to be attractive enough to look at all day long, without eyestrain.  All of us were sick of the bright white, overuse of blues, and dark “edgy” color schemes we commonly saw with online software.  We avoided the harshness of black and white, and stuck to cool tones, grays, and some vibrant accent colors that are both informative and fun. Check it out for yourself!

Collaboration Across Multiple Networks

Unlike most project management applications, we allow you to see all of your projects, whether personal or professional, all in one place. No need to have multiple accounts, or multiple email addresses, for multiple clients. Just one sign-in, and your whole life is at your fingertips. From there, invite other users to collaborate on a per network basis. Networks provide a great way to separate different groups of users from one another and from your personal projects.
“We built ZingProject to be fast: it’s real-time. We built ZingProject to be intuitive: it’s packed with features but stays out of your way. We built ZingProject to be collaborative: share projects, tickets, and manage user access with networks. Ultimately, we built ZingProject to be your best friend in everything you do, as it can be customized to any and all project management needs and styles. It is a ticket tracker for complicated web applications, a collaboration tool for small businesses, a scrum organizer, an agile project management tracker, or a way to manage your impending wedding (or a client’s!). It can do it all, in one place, and in real-time.”

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Having a ZingProject account is free. And it will remain free. Here's just some of what you get with your account:
Need to share projects with other users? Add collaborators to your account for only $1/month per user.
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What are collaborators?
Within ZingProject, you can grant other users access to your projects and tickets. These users are known as collaborators on your account. Perhaps you need to share with your employees, clients, or maybe just friends. Either way, adding collaborators is easy and secure. ZingProject allows you to separate projects and collaborators by using networks. Networks provide a great way to securely join or separate groups of users. By adding a user to your network, that user can view and/or edit all projects on that network, depending on the level of access you grant. Only members of a network can view the projects in that network.